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Muddy Waters Johnny Winter

Early to modern: The torch is passed from one generation to the next.

        The Blues Forum is a website developed for both musicians and non-musicians who are dedicated to the genre of music known all over the world as "the blues". It is intended to be a place to visit when you want to "talk" blues on our discussion page, read CD reviews, purchase CDs, check out biographies on international blues artists or, perhaps most important, to get to know about unsigned artists, a number of whom are working hard to reach new and larger audiences.

        We are working with a number of blues labels to make sure that you are kept up-to-date with the latest CD releases and news about their artists. If you are a blues artist and have a CD that you would like considered for review, along with a possible feature of your group on the Forum, please email the Blues Forum host, Brian Scherzer, to obtain details.  Enjoy the Forum and please remember that the best way to assure a continuation of the blues is to support your favorite artists by purchasing their CDs and attending their performances.

After reviewing the various companies which allow for CDs to be purchased via the internet, The Blues Forum chose CDNOW for its low prices and for its reputation of being prompt. Many local stores may not carry a wide blues selection. Should you wish to hear samples of various CDs or to order CDs, please click on the CDNOW box below.

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