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The Blues Forum

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          This portion of The Blues Forum contains reviews of CD releases, performance videos, and music instruction videos that are primarily blues in nature. All comments in such reviews are dependent on the tastes of the reviewer and you may find that your own tastes are different. However, such reviews are intended to help guide you in determining potential purchases. In the end, listen or watch for yourself in order to determine the merits of a particular release.

           The "Best Independent Releases" section covers reviews of CDs that have been submitted for review. The CDs chosen are, in the reviewer's opinion, the best of the best independent productions that have been received. Currently, the ratio of of independent releases that are reviewed are about 1 in five that have been submitted.

           CD Reviews carry ratings that cover the sonic quality of the recording in terms of engineering and one covering the overall enjoyment factor of the reviewer while listening to the CD. This latter rating is called "Mojo Factor", and is based both on the quality of the music and on the general emotional impact that the CD had on the rater. Ratings are as follows:

1 = Poor    2 = Below Average    3 = Average    4 = Above Average    5 = Excellent

To listen to samples of various blues CDs, or  to order CDs, please click on the CDNOW button.

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FALL 1999:

Bernard Allison:   Keeping The Blues Alive
Johnnie Bassett & The Blues Insurgents:   Party My Blues Away
Tommy Castro:   Right As Rain
Jimmy Hall:  Rendezvous With The Blues
Jimmy Nelson:   Rockin' And Shoutin' The Blues
ZZ Top:  XXX

WINTER 2000:
Kenny "Blue" Ray:  Git It!
Kenny "Blue" Ray:  Way Down In Memphis
The Derek Trucks Band:  Out of The Madness
Doug MacLeod:  Come To Find
Garth Webber:  Man On A Mission
The Buicks:  Dirty Streets
Billy Earl McClelland:  Judgment Day