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Independent Releases 2000

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Garth Webber:  Man On A Mission
G Records

Sonic Quality = 5
Mojo Factor = 5

This CD can be purchased directly from the artist at

          Every now and then one is lucky enough to stumble onto a CD that "has it all". Garth Webber's latest independent release, Man On A Mission, happens to fit that description. I have listened to this CD over 15 times just to make sure that the first effect wasn't a isn't! The more I listen to this recording the more I love it. Garth is a monster guitar player who also happens to sing well and to write some great music. He further displays his multifaceted talents by being the engineer and producer of this fine blues CD. Joining him are a number of truly great musicians, including Robben, Mark, and Patrick Ford, among others. Special recognition must also go out to Jimmy Sanchez, Dewayne Pate, John R. Burr, Robin Roth, Tony Lufrano, John Lee Sanders, and Mz Dee! The flow of the music is wonderful. Each song is full of tasty vocals and playing. I can't think of enough superlatives to express just how much I enjoyed listening to this 12 song product! This is a "must own" CD for any lover of electric blues!

Reviewer:  Brian Scherzer

Billy Earl McClelland:  Judgment Day
MojoBlues.Com Records

Sonic Quality = 4
Mojo Factor = 4

This CD can be purchased directly from the label at

          McClelland is your classic southern electric blues artist. His voice drips with the blues, while his guitar playing covers the gamut of traditional blues, rock-oriented, and slide styles with an edge that is always well controlled. Hailing from Alabama, Billy Earl McClelland has served as a session guitarist with such artists as Willie Nelson, Hank Snow, Mel Tillis, Dr. Hook, and B. J. Thomas. He has also worked with Bo Didley, toured with Delbert McClinton and Tanya Tucker, and shared billings with Albert Collins, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, and the Allman Brothers. This CD captures the essence of McClelland's guitar virtuousity and expressive vocals with a tight rhythm section and some very good pro players. It is hard to define the style of the music. Some of the slide playing brings Duane Allman to mind, while other parts speak more to the Texas blues "thang". Throughout, the tunes rock and bring a lot of firepower to the mix. This CD was a pleasure to listen to and is recommended for hours of enjoyable listening. I'd like to see this CD get some national distribution!

Reviewer:  Brian Scherzer

The Buicks:  Dirty Streets
Self Release

Sonic Quality = 4.0
Mojo Factor = 4.0

This CD can be purchased directly from the artist at


          If you like swing/jump blues with foot-tapping action, you'll like this six song release by The Buicks, a Bucks County, PA band with a 20 year history of pleasing blues audiences. This CD is a real pleasure for anyone wanting to hear a band with a very tight sound and some incredible sax playing. The foundation of the band is rock solid and it's hard not to move some part of your body while listening to their music. I liked this CD so much so that I asked my band to start playing their first cut on the CD, "Don't Do Like Dat"! Each instrument is right in the pocket and the production of the CD was first class. With any luck, The Buicks will find their way to a major label deal.......they're that good!

Reviewer:  Brian Scherzer